James Brown Shares His Experience In Prison And Rift With Bobrisky – Video

Self-acclaimed Princess of Africa James Brown has shared his experience in prison and talked about his rift with his former boss Bobrisky in a recent interview.

James Brown talking about how hard it was for him when he went to prison said he was so traumatized that he had to go for therapy after he came out of prison for a couple of weeks before getting back to be himself.

James Brown in the interview said he used to go to church when he started the crossdressing business as he could switch from male to female at any time and wasn’t ashamed or bothered about what people say or think of him.

Speaking on his rift with Bobrisky, James Brown said he doesn’t want to get involved with her or face anyone because he knows what’s ahead is more than what has passed and he knows some things about Bobrisky that could harm her so badly.

James Brown then added that he intentionally made his brand in a way that he can switch from a male to female and female to male at any given chance to suit himself hence when it’s necessary he would just take off his wig and heels and be a man again.

His answers to the questioned asked shows how smart he is and his reason for making his brand a flexible one unlike Bobrisky who wants to be female at all cost shows he understands the business he has got himself into.

Video below;