Jesus Never Criticized Gay People In New Testament – Uche Maduagwu

Nigerian actor Uche Maduagwu has descended heavily on Christians who are homophobic.

Recall that Uche came out of his shell announcing to the world about his actual sexual orientation. He revealed that he is a gay thereby exposing himself for criticisms.

He shared a collage of Jesus Christ and himself saying being a gay is a beautiful life of great honour and Jesus never found fault with gay in the new testament. Therefore, Christians shouldn’t bother criticizing it, rather they should go against G.Os who having private jet yet millions of members of the church are struggling in life

Uche captioned;

”Being #gay is an honor and a beautiful life #jesus never condemn gay people in the new testament so if you a good christian you wont too or can a servant be greater than his master.

Criticize your G.O for having private jet when millions of his #church members are poor and unemployed, criticize them for collecting tithe during covid19”