Kate Henshaw Reveals Her Daily Struggle With Randy Followers Of Hers

Sharing the kind of messages she receives from some randy fans of hers and how she struggles to wrap her mind around it, Kate Henshaw revealed she’s tired and walking away from all the DMs she gets concerning these things.

One of the DMs she shared, a fan of hers was pleading with her asking if there is any way she (Kate Henshaw) could link him up with a sugar mummy as if that is what she has been doing for others in her DM.

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The request of the follower is an absurd one as it portrays the idea that Kate Henshaw is a pimp and has been linking people to sugar daddies and sugar mummies that is why the follower of his wants to have his own share.

This is something that should have to make Kate Henshaw angry but then being the joyous person that we know, she decided to share it with the world for others to see the struggle she goes through in pertaining to the DMs she gets every day.

screenshot below;