Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals Why She Divorced Kanye West Despite Being Rich – Video

The ex-wife of rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has finally revealed why she divorced Kanye West despite being the richest Black American and giving her 4 wonderful kids.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are divorcing each other after being together as married couples for years with 4 children but we never got to know the main reason behind the divorce and now we have a fair idea of why she divorced him.

Kim Kardashian speaking in a video sighted online disclosed that she married the best rapper ever and the richest black American who gave her 4 wonderful kids and that means that if she’s divorcing him after all these then it boils down to one thing.

According to her, she’s divorcing Kanye West because of his personality and not that he’s poor or something since he’s one of the richest Black Americans and has been able to give her 4 wonderful kids which she’s grateful for.

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Therefore, today we all got to know that Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West because of his personality or something about him that she doesn’t want and not for any other reasons since he’s rich and capable of giving birth.

Kim Kardashian has also made it clear that she has no intentions of dropping the surname of Kanye West even after divorce and that confirms the fact that she’s leaving him because of something he does.

video below;