Ladipoe Pours Fire On A Fan Who Said He’s Greater Than MI Abaga

Rapper Ladipoe has poured fire on a fan who disrespected him and MI Abaga by claiming Ladipoe is clearly greater than MI Abaga saying he’s one of the persons that should be sleeping in a chicken and chip shop.

The fan tweeted saying he’s not trying to disrespect anyone but currently Ladipoe is clear and he’s greater than MI Abaga and another agreed saying based on his ability they can beat their chest and say he is better than MI Abaga.

But Ladipoe thinks otherwise hence pouring fire on the fan who said that saying they are the type of people that should be sleeping in a chicken and chip shop asking how can he start a statement with no disrespect and proceed with disrespect.

Ladipoe after weighing his ability and all realized that he can’t be compared with the legendary rapper MI Abaga and for that made his stance really clear to all those who have the same thoughts with these two because MI Abaga is ahead of him.

Ladipoe can be compared with some of his colleagues and one can say confidently that he’s better than them but comparing him with MI Abaga is a total disrespect as he stated because no matter how good he is, he can’t be compared to him.

We hope these fans get it right and stop comparing artists to create enmity between them and allow them to do their work by giving us some good hits to enjoy instead of trying to put them against each other.

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