Lady Allegedly Sleeps With 300 Men Within 5 Months To Acquire A Car And An Iphone

A lady has allegedly slept with 300 men for money to acquire a car and an iphone.

A Twitter user identified as @ani_berny revealed that she was eavesdropping on a conversation between this lady and a friend in the lounge and she told the friend that she had a target of 300 men and she was able to meet that target for herself and now she is the proud owner of a Lexus RX 2019 and a brand new iPhone thanks to her illicit escapades.

According to Ani Berny, the friend advised the lady to reduce the number of guys he sleeps with and rather go for richer guys and she made a resolve to stay celibate for the end of the year to regain herself because she has acquired enough for now.

See screenshot below;

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😀unna never see anything. This one is small at least she didn’t confess to ritualism. I remember when I used to cringe to such ish, until this life taught me different… I ve seen things ooo…Na person wey neva see anything they judge another person


I’m only taking the lesson in the story.. what ever you set your mind to, you will achieve 🙏🏽🙏🏽


300 men only , common girl , u can do more than that ! Go for the big leagues , upgrade to maybe 1000 men


That same lady will come online to start misleading innocent girls with aesthetics and irrelevant motivational speech.