Lady breaks up with boyfriend after he refused to give her princess treatment (Chat)

A South African lady, identified as Tinah, has ended her relationship with her boyfriend after he said he can’t afford to give her princess treatment.

The young lady with Twitter handle @MissTinah_M, took to the microblogging platform to share the conversation she had with her partner that led to their breakup.

She had told her boyfriend about the standards she expects him to meet if they are to continue their relationship.

According to her, she wants him to give her grand romantic gestures like being taken on dates, receiving beautiful flowers regularly, and never splitting bills with him. However, her boyfriend said he can’t afford to give her that kind of lifestyle.

Tinah, who was evidently disappointed by his response, lashed out at him for expecting her to be submissive when he can’t give her the barest minimum.

Read their conversation below,





In other news, a Kenyan-Nigerian man has shared how he’s been battling post-divorce trauma after getting a divorce from his wife, whom he caught cheating.

The man, simply identified as Jua on Twitter, in a series of tweets, recounted all his now ex-wife made him go through after he caught her cheating.

Jua said the experience was so traumatic that he still gets trauma from the legal process.

According to him, his ex-wife, who’s a devout church goer, kicked him out of his house, seized his mails, and was hell-bent on ending him because she was mad at him because he caught her cheating.