Lady Calls Off Wedding After Mother-In-Law Moved Into Intended Matrimonial Home

A lady who is supposed to tie the knot with her husband-to-be on the 26th of December 2021 has called off the marriage ceremony after the groom’s mother moved into her intended matrimonial home. 

The story was shared by an attendee of the ceremony on her Twitter page. The lady who shared the story identified as Ebube Nna lament over how she spent N10,000 on the Aseobi only for the bride to call her in the morning to call off the wedding.

Sharing the story, the friend of the bride stated that her husband to be told her weeks ago that when they get married, his mother has decided to move in with them. She said the bride did not take it seriously although she did not support the idea.

However, a few weeks to the wedding, the bride realized that her husband to be’s mother who will be her in-law when she eventually gets married to the man has already packed some of her belongings into her intended matrimonial house. After raising concern, the daughters of the mother-in-law lambasted her asking if she will decide where their mother will stay.

The family of the bride has also weighed into the matter and has advised their child to call off the marriage ceremony since they see troubles building up for their child in her matrimonial home in the future. The groom is said to be confused not knowing what to do.