Lady cries out after finding out that her boyfriend is a married man and has a child with another married woman

A heartbroken lady has recounted how she found out that her boyfriend is a married man who has a child with another married woman.

The sad lady revealed that she had dedicated practically her whole life into making the relationship work because he tried her right and always tried to make her happy.

Although she revealed that she’s over him and is ready for a fresh start with someone else.

In her words:

“Good afternoon dear Abena
Please hide my account
I thought I was in a serious relationship with this man not long ago I realized he’s a married man but on top of it all
He has a child with another married woman
I dedicated my whole life to this relationship because he was the perfect man and he did everything to make me happy
Ryt now I’m over him
Please I need a man who’s ready for marriage
I spent my whole years being faithful to this man and he turns out to be someone’s husband
I don’t know if I should cry or be happy God got me out of this trouble

I’m a graduate nurse. I’m 24 years
I need a man between 26-32 ready for marriage.”