Lady Reveals The Outrageous Thing Her Boyfriend Did To Her After Dumping Him

A Nigerian lady has been spotted in a vial video shedding uncontrollable tears after she was subjected to a very discomforting situation after she broke up with her her immediate ex-boyfriend.

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In the video, the lady was seen holding her mobile phone that was destroyed by her ex-boyfriend after she told him she is no longer interested in the relationship.

Probably after breaking the news to the young man, he was furious and out of anger, he decided to cause damage to her mobile phone, probably because he bought her the phone with his money and since she has decided to end the relationship, he needs to destroy it.

The lady showed how the phone has been completely dismantled by her ex-boyfriend simply because she served him breakfast.

Watch the video below:

In other news, controversial Nigerian social media personality and actor, Uche Maduagwu has directed the NDLEA and EFCC to conduct thorough investigations about the true source of income of Nigerian actors below the age of 38 years.

In a post he made on his social media page, Uche Maduagwu intimated that the NDLEA and the EFCC should invite all actors below the age of 38 years who now own plush mansions in the country.

He added that with the exception of the likes of Jim Iyke and other older actors in the Nollywood movie industry who have well-known endorsements are believes to be the only ones who can afford mansions but any other person who falls below the age of 38 needs to be investigated.

Uche added that most Nigerian actors have portrayed the movie industry to be one well-paying venture but have refused to educate the fans that movie stars do not make such amount of monies from their movie craft.

He added everyone in the movie industry tries to portray a comfortable life but a few have decided to mislead the fans by flaunting expensive assets they know the money they make from their movie business cannot not afford.