Lady shares testimony of how she escaped getting burnt from a gas explosion after screaming “Blood of Jesus”

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to share a testimony of how God saved her from getting burnt to death in a gas explosion.

Lady shares

@Funmiscute in a series of tweet, disclosed that she was cooking when she noticed that the gas was leaking. She said she proceeded to turn it off but it suddenly exploded on her face.

According to her, she screamed “Blood of Jesus” and the fire went off immediately.

Taking to Twitter to thank God for saving her life, she wrote,

“A big miracle just happened to me . I escaped getting burnt about 5mins ago, more importantly, the gas stopped leaking and the fire went off when I screamed BLOOD OF JESUS.

Came back home and decided to cook oh, went back to the kitchen to check it when I perceived gas smell, was wondering how gas was smelling and the burner was burning normally, I then decided to turn off the burner when the thing exploded on my face. I screamed Blood of Jesus 2ce

I wore a bonnet immediately I got home to prevent the length of the hair from disturbing me which I rarely even do till I want to bath. Yeah, I can perceive burnt hair from my skin (face, left arm and feet) and they hurt badly but I’d be fine.

I feel relieved now. I’ve applied raw eggs on affected area as I couldn’t get any topical cream in the pharmacy. No obvious broken skin too which is another relief for me cos I don’t want to nurse any wound. Thank you all for your kind words.

Ah I’m not cooking with gas again . I will drink garri if I can’t buy food.

It’d be folly to think Miracles don’t happen cos I still can’t explain those few seconds. That’s a supposed nylon bin that got burnt from the fire exposing it’s contents. I just want to thank God cos wetin I for dey talk”

Her testimony has stirred different reactions from netizens as many doubt the authenticity of her claims that the fire went off at the name of Jesus.”

Responding to the naysayers, she wrote,

“I saw some comments saying “na blood of Jesus off fire?, It’s either the gas finished or it didn’t leak well”. I didn’t force my belief on anyone, ordinary match stick has caused terrible burns/damage to people so what is gas? I wish you what you wish me sha.”