Lady Torments Guy Who Called Her A Prostitute Because She Turned Down His Proposal.

A lady has become a Twitter sensation after she sent in some tweets describing what she did to a guy who called her a prostitute all because she turned him down after he asked her out.

@BellexForte revealed on Twitter how she tormented his life, so much so that in his life and the next one he might have, he will never try that with any lady he comes across.

Though the tweets are old (Sep 2017), they only just started going viral after she shared an update revealing that how the traumatized man contacted her again on Sunday, January 7, 2018, still begging for forgiveness. He then promised never to disrespect women in his life.

A lot of people have been lauding the lady for her actions. See below:

BellexForte recently went viral after she shut some twitter trolls up.. She was the one who told the story of a man who offered to pay her hotel bill, but when she refused having anything intimate with him, he withdrew his offer and asked her to leave the room. (Read the Story here)

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