Lagos Makes Me So Sad – Tonto Dikeh On Why She Doesn’t Like Lagos

Actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed that the reason why she doesn’t like Lagos is that it makes her so sad and everything about it makes her so sad.

Tonto Dikeh coming through with the early morning motivation asked fans not to give up in tough situations but then complained of how sad Lagos makes here whenever she travels there and everything about it.

According to Tonto Dikeh, Lagos happens to be the most stressful place for her and it starts with the traffic and ends with the people in it and even though she loves the people, life has changed Lagosians much and that is what she doesn’t like.

Tonto Dikeh made it clear that she doesn’t like Lagos because of the stress there and the people because of their lifestyle now which puts her in a very sad mood whenever she’s in Lagos to do something and can’t wait to leave.

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Sharing her motivation with fans, Tonto Dikeh encouraged fans that whenever life puts them in tough situations, one shouldn’t say ‘why me’ but rather just say ‘try me’ and you would be able to pull through your toughest situation.

Complaining about a situation you are faced with doesn’t help solve it but rather trying to find solutions to the situation at hand helps solve it and that is what Tonto Dikeh is trying to draw our attention to.

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