Lagos police officers rescue an asthmatic man who suffered an attack on the Otedola bridge

Men of the Rapid Response Squad in Lagos have been praised after they saved a young man who had an athsma attack.

According to a tweet from their handle, the man had an attack and his inhaler got exhausted thus the policemen on duty quickly got another one from the medics department for the young man.

The tweet reads ;

Police Officers and passersby assiste this young man who had an athsma attack along Otedola Bridge on his way back from work. His inhaler got exahuasted so the officers quickly got another one from the RRS medics. He is fine now and is on his way home. #StaySafe #TheGoodGuys

Nigerians praised the act while reacting to the tweet.

Daddy Chelsea wrote ;

This is what police should be.
Even when effecting an arrest it should be with 100% professionalism.
The rogues in the police out numbered the good ones.
I pray we get it right soon.

Stephen wrote ;

dis RRS guys are struggling to salvage what is left of the @PoliceNG
. I have seen efforts from them of recent. Sadly, it is dwarfed by the foolishness of the majority of members especially SARS.
@segalink Sir can we also commend this guys . Like the carrot and stick approach

Zion wrote ;

Stories like this give a ray of hope. Please train and retrain your rank and file. The negative & oppresive aura the police emits is nauseating. It’s almost as if they are set-up to ride roughshod on unsuspecting citizens. @rrslagos767 is a shining light. God bless u