‘Let Me Die If I Ever Fly Air Peace Again’ — Nigerian Man Vows, After His Experience With The Airline

A Nigerian man has shared his experience after patronizing Nigerian airline company, Airpeace.

The man vowed never to board the Airpeace airline in his life again declared death on himself should he go contrary to his words.

In a video he shared on social media by the unidentified man who was on-board the flight, passengers could be seen looking very restless due to poor ventilation as the air conditioners were not working.

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He tweeted;

‘If i ever fly Airpeace again let me die’

Watch the video below;

See how some Nigerians reacted to his plight on Instagram below;


See how people dey suffer on top their money. Meanwhile God is Good Motors AC go make you sleep till you arrive your destination


Ah 😮I agree there was heat but you don’t just use your hand to type die on top your head like that o