‘Let’s Show Her Love’ – Bobrisky Searches For Lady Who Was Snubbed By Ka3na After She Tattoed Her Name On Her Thighs

Bobrisky has flexed her muscles to show how influential she is as she launches a massive search for the young lady who has attained fame on the internet for all the wrong reasons after she got snubbed by BBNaija’s Ka3na Jones moments after she tattooed her name on her thighs.

Ka3na has been heavily criticized for snubbing the young lady who ‘went out of her way’ to show her love by tattooing her name on her thighs to pay homage to her- after she herself (Ka3na) even masterminded the whole thing after she encouraged her fans to go ahead and tattoo her name on their skin to see which of them loves her very much.

Well, Bobrisky has taken it upon herself to end the drama by asking for the address of the lady so she helps her, having given freebies to her own fan who equally tattooed her image at her back days ago.

“Pls guys I heard that girl that wrote Ka3na name is at d hospital? Pls I need her contact ASAP or tag me her page. Let show her love guys…. depression is Real,” Bobrisky wrote on SnapChat.