Linda Ikeji’s Brother Peks Ikeji Confuses Nigerians With Life Abroad

Blogger Linda Ikeji’s brother Peks Ikeji has confused Nigerians with life abroad after asking for gas at a fuel station in Nigeria which got the attendants confused.

Peks Ikeji who is known for bragging about every single thing rubbed it in our face that he goes in and out of Nigeria any time he pleases and when he got back this time has got some fuel attendants confused.

According to him, he got to a fuel shop in Nigeria and asked the attendant whether they have gas and the shop attendant got confused and said no it’s only fuel they sell there adding that he forgot it’s not abroad that he is.

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Peks Ikeji has once again bragged with being able to confuse a Nigerian fuel attendant and making fun of him claiming he forgot he wasn’t in Yankee when he knows perfectly well that he’s in Nigeria.

Peks Ikeji isn’t the only one who goes in and out of Nigeria any time they pleases but then he always ends up bragging about it every time because of something he did while outside Nigeria or when he got back which is very bad though.

Screenshot below;