LOL: Two Ladies Wish Death Upon Themselves Because Of #BBNaija

There was a funny drama on twitter as two ladies rained serious curses on each other while arguing about Big Brother Naija reality show (Yeah you read that right).

They even wished each other death. It’s really shocking that these ladies could bring themselves to this position on social media and insult each other over a reality Tv show as they sided the different housemates in the show.

This really Double Wahala, because the housemates are having their own issues playing the game in the house, and two grown ladies are getting a go at each other over the show.

It all started when one user with the handle @_Abisoyee_ tweeted;

Why is Teddy talking to Nina like Nina is his maid? What is ‘Eys, come and clean this place?’ uncle Teddy, hope all is well with you? With that your big head looking like a crocodile’s 🙄

However, it appeared her claim was wrong, and another twitter user identified as Annie leapt to Teddy’s defense ;

I think dz mumu talking here is watching from twitter. DAT was angel, not Teddy’s. teddy has respect for a lady, so bitch subscribe your dstv and stop talking like a fool

That did not go too well for Abisoye as she replied; See how you look like a corpse! An autopsy should be carried out on your brain. Next time, learn to mind your business. Hoeloshi!

Annie then replied; You will sleep and never wake up, i pray for you to die by accident, die prematurely, u will die and dey won’t find your corpse to bury u, u will die and flies will cover your corpse, you are so senseless because of a TV program you call someone a corpse, i have wished you same, devil in disguise

Annie has since protected her account and changed her username to @teddyAfan


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