Man Bags 9 Months Imprisonment For Assaulting Stranger Who Spanked His Girlfriend’s Butt

A Zimbabwean man identified as Bornwell Sibanda has bagged himself 9 months jail sentence after he assaulted a stranger who smacked his girlfriend’s butts.

Ghgossip gathered that the Victoria Falls man and his girlfriend whose identity was not disclosed were allegedly walking in town on April 4 when they run into Mbekezeli Mpofu. Mbekezeli who couldn’t believe his eyes after getting turned on spanked the woman on her buttocks.

Mpofu’s gesture towards Sibanda’s girlfriend infuriated him as he jumped on Mpofu, slapped him and gave him a beating of his life. Reports have it that he slapped him once on the pace before kicking and punching him on the stomach and mouth respectively.

Mpofu, the victim who suffered and suffered severe wounds was rushed to Victoria Falls Hospital where he was given medical attention and discharged. However, he was left with a swollen eye and swollen lower lip.

The police arrested Sibanda immediately Mpofu reported the incident to the station. Sibanda was processed for court where he pleaded guilty to assaulting Mpofu. The judge, Magistrate Linda Dzvene sentenced Bornwell to 9 months in prison after appearing before the Victoria Falls Court.

Sibanda who was trying to defend his girlfriend from an assault has earned a 9 month imprisonment for going too extreme to leave the guy who spanked his girlfriend’s buttocks with severe injuries.

It is obvious that Mpofu would never try such a thing anymore in his life after receiving the beatings of his life.