Man beats up friend trying to introduce him to homosexuality (video)

A video which shows the moment a man attacked his friend for trying to introduce him to homosexuality has emerged on the web.

In the video, a voice is heard in the background saying he won’t allow the gay man to go scot-free as he insisted he needs to beat him up to prove that he’s a straight individual.

The guy stressed on how he really loves women and would not accept a man who came down from Nwaswam in the Eastern Region of Ghana, to force him into homosexuality.

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A video that went viral some days back shows two Nigerian men reveling over the intimate time they seemingly had in the bedroom before filming the video.

One of the men is heard shouting in excitement about how homosexuality is “sweet” and better than sex with women. He also told his fellow men that have never experienced sex with men that they are missing.

The man who spoke in his native language in the video kept shouting, “Homo sweet!”

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