Man Calls Out Singer Portable And Crew For Allegedly Raiding His Apartment And Ste@ling His Money

A young man has recently taken to his social media page to call out controversial singer Portable and his crew for allegedly raiding his apartment.

The artist Portable has been in the news recently for different reasons. In a new video sighted online, a young man has claimed that the artist raided his house with his boys and stole his money and some important appliances.

According to the man, Portable and his crew had intended to raid the house of DJ Chicken but mistakenly broke into his room and made away with his money, television set, and other electrical gadgets.

Narrating further, the man disclosed that when he was called by some of his neighbors about how his room was raided and rushed to the house to find some of his gadgets stolen and destroyed.

The young man disclosed that he would have to go spend a few days with his mother since his place was not in good shape to live in. He then said in the video that he has no intentions to tarnish the image of artist Portable or insult him but he is calling him out so he would come and repair the stuff he destroyed.