Man Challenges Daddy Freeze To Heal A Mad Man In Lucifer’s Name After He Trashed Jesus

A Nigerian man has challenged controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze on social media telling him to use the name of Lucifer and pray for a mad man to be healed.

This comes after Daddy Freeze claimed that praying in the name of Lucifer is more potent than praying in the name Jesus that was given by the colonial masters.

According to the Cool FM presenter, the name Jesus has no meaning in Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Aramaic whereas Lucifer who many attribute evil to and refer to as Satan means ‘light-bringer’.

Daddy Freeze with a few examples from the bible concluded that it’s better to pray in the name of Lucifer than in the name Jesus which was given by the colonial masters as the name of the Savior which isn’t true.

Reacting to his controversial statement a follower known as Sogunro Toluwase dared him to deliver and heal a mad man in Lucifer’s name and it is test he gave him in a bid to bring an end to the rubbish he has been spewing on on social media.

Toluwase, said:

“Sir I challenge you to a test. Let’s pick a random mad man on the street. Pray in the name of Lucifer I will pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Let’s see at the mention of who they get delivered. I dare you sir, this will end this rubbish you keep spitting out.”

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Reacting, Daddy Freeze lashed out at him, saying,

“I think that the first mad man that needs prayers is you, so let me pray for you to be delivered from benightedness and unscholarly religious slavery which is the highest form of slavery,”