Man Gives 5 Strong Reasons Why President Buhari Deserves A Third And Fourth Term As President Of Nigeria

Despite the shortcomings of the present administration in Nigeria, a writer has expressed hope that the Buhari led administration will do very well if given sufficient time.

Sharing reasons why Buhari should be given a third and fourth term , he wrote;

“President Buhari is currently serving his second term as the President of Nigeria after attempting to be president severally but kept losing to PDP Candidates. The President’s tenure has been faced with so many criticism and challenges, and I am here to tell you he needs a third term.

Reasons are below:

1. He Needs time to finish the good works he has started:

President Buhari has just commenced his second time, and this time is merely enough for the president to successfully achieve the completion of some of his set out projects. An instance is the train project which is being constructed across the Nation; that of Lagos-Ibadan is already operational. What if the next government is not interested in trains?

2. President Buhari doesn’t like to Rush:

My President does not like being pressured. Some people even called him “Baba Go Slow” at some point, but does he care? No! He does not!!!

Hence, because of the pace at which the president likes to work, he definitely will be needing a third term to achieve his set out missions. 8 years can’t be enough to do all the good baba has in mind for us. See, even to present Budget, baba go just chill till the House of Reps people start dropping him hints, the President is chilled like that.

3. The President needs time to fulfill promises he and his Party made to Nigerians:

See ehn, in 2015, when Baba was trying to woo Nigerians, a lot of promises were made, some were later denied though. Baba and his party people said they would change 1$ to 1 Naira, and that hasn’t been achieved, one dollar is still intact 356 Naira, so you see it will take a while for it to drop, 355 worth of drop.

So calm down and let Bubu fulfill his promises, he is a man of his words.

4. The Nigeria Airways 

The current regime, sorry administration, has already started plans to kick start the Nigeria Airways so we can now be flying around the world in our Nigerian airline, at least the logo is already done, just to buy the plane now and all that.

So baba needs time to get the planes down here and get pilots. All of that will take a while, lets be patient, ok?

5. The fight against corruption 

This one is very key! The good fight against corruption has been on for a while and notable arrests have been made. Even though some people will argue that they are mostly arrests of opposition party faithfuls. It’s still fight against corruption and that’s all that matters!

Buhari needs more time so that the fight against corruption can circulate to everyone corrupt.