Man left devastated after DNA result of 2-year-old daughter shows he’s not the father

In yet another heartbreaking DNA story, a young man has been left devastated after discovering via a DNA test, that his two-year-old daughter isn’t his.

Photos of memorable moments of himself and his daughter before he got to realize she wasn’t his were shared on social media and from the looks of it, the man was very much in love with the toddler, so one can only imagine the great heartbreak he must have feeling after discovering she isn’t his.

The little child turned 2 earlier this month and only but a few days after, the young man got to realize that he doesn’t share the same blood as her. On her birthday, he wrote,

Happy happy birthday to our beautiful daughter

She’s turning 2 today

God’s blessings fella

After finding out that the toddler isn’t his, he sadly took to his Facebook page where he’d shared lovely photos of the both of them to write,

The DNA tests came through. I am not the biological father.

Mjolo neh

A handful of netizens have also been perturbed with the news as they question why people are usually put through such devastating moments in life.

Read some comments,

Talking from experiences, it takes a strong , I mean super strong hearted and willed man to continue, in my situation, I left both the woman and the child save myself from the future pain and drama

This paternity fraud isn’t funny anymore… it’s way more than what these ladies think it is…if I’m getting married to a single mother, let it be my choice not bonding with an innocent child and discovering we ain’t blood 🩸. All the girls saying he should continue to take the child as his, if you found out that your beloved child was mistakenly switched at the hospital few years after delivery, would you not feel hurt knowing you have bonded with another persons child. It’s really deeper than what y’all think please, I pray never to experience this cos I love kids tooooo much 😂😂😂

“Continue to love her as a father”

Y’all missed the whole point, his partner lied, deceived, cheated and told him a child that’s isn’t his was his

So sad but it doesn’t matter if he really loves her as a daughter but someone though

This hurts but, i think blood is not even a strong bond for love. We all have friends that stick closer than even our siblings.

Very difficult tho,but I would implore you to continue loving the child,it is not her fault.😢

Hhhmmm…to do DNA don dey scare me. cus i have my daughters face tattooed on my chest and her name on my arm.. mke i live am the way e dey before i spoil sumtin 😂😂😂