Man Reports Wife To His In-Laws & Pastor After She Gave Him A BJ, Asks Her Where She Learnt It From

A Nigerian lawyer,  Stephie narrated on Micro-blogging site, Twitter, how a man called his in-laws, pastor to a meeting to report his wife after she gave him a b low job and also asked her where she learnt that skill from.

The thread on Twitter, started after a man while replying to a tweet asking why men cheat on their wives, tried to justify the act by claiming that women have little or no sex drive.

The twitter user who started it wrote;

“Many Nigerian men do not marry women with the same sex drive as they have. Also many Nigerian women have lil or no sex drive in the first place.”

Then a female user @superflycook replied ;

“Hahahahahahahhhahahahhahaha. A lot of men 1. Bore their wives. 2. Exhaust their wives with burden of house work 3. Have unrealistic expectations as to what a body that has been through childbirth looks like. But no. It’s the woman’s sex drive.”

In addition women are constantly shamed for being sexual beings in this part and yet you want her to form porn star so that you can accuse her of being unfaithful/loose. Yah.

Joining the thread, @stephie_coco had this to say;

“one time a woman gave her husband a blow job for the first time just to spice their sex life up and the man, called his in-laws to meeting amd reported his wife to them. That they should ask her where she learnt it from”

and that tweet had reactions because of the story behind it, see below;


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