Man with nine wives says he wants to marry two more women and have babies with all of them

A Brazilian man, Arthur O Urso, who married nine wives at once to celebrate free love has revealed he plans to marry two more women and wants babies with all of them.

The model made headlines sometime ago when he discussed his controversial marriage to nine women. According to him, he decided to marry nine women in a collective wedding to celebrate “free love” and “protest against monogamy”.

Now, after facing a divorce from one of the women, the Urso says he hopes to find two more ladies to marry.

One of the wives named Agatha said the idea of polyamory isn’t appealing to her anymore so she intends to leave.

Speaking on Agatha’s decision to leave, Urso said, “She wanted to have me all to herself. It didn’t make sense – we have to share.”

“I was very sad about the separation and even more surprised by her excuse. She said that she was missing a monogamous relationship. My other wives thought her attitude was wrong and that she accepted the marriage for adventure and not for real feelings,” he added.

“I know I’ve lost a wife, but I’m not going to replace her at the moment.” he said

Now, with 8 wives, the Brazilian model hopes to marry two more women to bring his total of wives to 10.

In his words,

“I have a dream – my wish has always been to have 10 wives. I only have one daughter. But I want to have a child with each one of my wives. The love I feel for each of them is the same. I think it would be unfair to only have children with one or two of them.”