Meet Banky W’s Look Alike Who Is Trying To Get The Singer’s Attention

A young man who claims to be a look-alike of Banky W has been trying his luck to get the attention of the singer turned politician.

According to him, he has tried all means to get the attention of his lookalike Banky W for years now but to no avail.

In recent photos sighted on his Instagram page, he made collages of himself with Banky W wearing the same outfits; but of course, there are some differences that can be easily spotted.

He wrote;

“Who rocked it better #challenge……. Bigbro or Lil bro?? @bankywellington or @unclebanky???…. been trying to get Bigbro’s attention for years now I hope this gets to him….wedding self I begged for invitation I dint get,,, now just a Hi will do bigbro….. #banky lookalike.”

See some photos below …

banky w look alike

banky w look alikebanky w look alike