Men Like 2Face Idibia Need Women Like Annie To Make The Puzzle Complete – Bisi Alimi Says

Gay activist Bisi Alimi, reacting to news of 2Face Idibia welcoming his 8th child with another woman, has said that men like him need women like his wife Annie Idibia.

2Face Idibia in a long post apologized for disgracing his family only for us to learn that he has impregnated another woman and that child makes it his 8th child yet his wife Annie Idibia has promised to be by him saying their love is not for everyone to understand.

Bisi Alimi sharing his cent on that has claimed that men like 2Face Idibia who can’t keep their cassava in their shorts need women like Annie Idibia who swallow everything and let love lead no matter how much you disgrace them with your action.

According to Bisi Alimi, Annie Idibia is an enabler, and men like 2Face Idibia need women like her to complete the puzzle hence we should stop having pity on her as he wishes both of them good luck with their love story.

screenshot below;