Mercy Chinwo And Pastor Blessed Are Inviting Trouble Into Their Home – Lawmaker, Maria Ude Nwachi

The caution follows Mercy Chinwo’s display of the brand-new automobile that her husband gave her as her birthday gift earlier this week.

Pastor Blessed surprised Mercy Chinwo with a brand new SUV and the latter who was obviously overjoyed, flaunted the extravagant present on social media and asked her followers to thank him on her behalf.

However, Maria Ude Nwachi, a lawmaker who represents Afikpo North-East in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly. found the actions of Mercy Chinwo and her husband unnecessary and rather dangerous.

The politician expressed her disapproval with the behavior on Facebook, criticizing Mercy Chinwo for the “unnecessary show off” while pointing out that the couple is inviting trouble into their home.

She wrote;

“Mercy Chinwo & hubby, avoid unnecessary show on social media. Don’t invite scrutiny on yourselves. Biko. Clarification: This type of show by a woman of the bible will bring nothing good for her. One investigation into their doing might bust a lot and those hailing them won’t be able to help them out of it.

The investigation can come from the source and to find something no dey hard. To make displays that beg to be scrutinized is very very unwise because your subliminal request will surely be answered if you keep it up. Nollywood actresses do these packages and it’s okay but not her type. I did not post that package because I felt sorry for her as she knows not what she is doing. Allow trouble to sleep in peace, no wake am. Thank you.”