Michael Essien Honored With A Bizzare-Looking Statue In Ghana

A statue to honor Ghanaian International footballer, Michael Essien in his homeland in Ghana, was shared online, and it’s fair to say the statue is pretty appalling.

michael essien statue

The sculpture of the footballer, many has since tagged as an “awful one”, shows him in Chelsea’s iconic blue home strip and it was erected in Kumasi a few years ago, the artist of the statue is still unknown.

Shown in Chelsea’s iconic blue home strip, Essien’s body looks severely out of proportion, while his face is far too jagged and lumps of his face appear to be missing.

He is also kicking the ball with similar technique to a toddler, his knees are strikingly thin compared to the rest of his legs and his shoulders appear to be armed with NFL-style padding.

Saddick Adams, a sports journalist based in Ghana tweeted a photo of the statue, informing Essien it was a “beautiful gift”.

michael essien statue

Essien made 256 appearances at Stamford Bridge between 2005 and 2014, helping the Blues to win nine trophies, including two Premier League titles.

michael essien statue


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