Moment Korra Obidi and husband had an altercation on his Instagram live (video)

Celebrity couple, Korra Obidi and her husband, Justin Dean, have further fueled reports that they are going through a difficult time in their marriage.

Recall that Korra’s husband announced that he was divorcing her due to cheating allegations and her insistence on having her way.

During an Instagram live session on Thursday night, the couple had a heated argument, and this sparked concern from fans.

In a short clip from the live video, Korra Obidi could be heard asking him why he was doing this, and in response, he dared her to repeat the statement.

Reacting to the video an Instagram follower @alidi_martin wrote, “This babe should get out oh… Oyibo when they start doing this… it can become something else’s fast. Sending prayers their ways 🙏🏾”.

@simiinuga, “Everything that happens in a bad marriage also happens in a good marriage…the difference is in the choices that the parties involved make. Our actions can either de-escalate or amplify the problem.”

@nuella__x, “All I can say is Postpartum depression is real and it manifests in different ways … Can be hostility towards your child or partner ……. If you want to get a divorce that’s fine but please be sure it’s what you want and at least go for counseling or some sort of couple therapy first”.

@angelmhalaika, “This babe don frustrate this guy, he wouldn’t be doing all this if he hasn’t been pushed all the way to the wall. This man might be going through abuse in that relationship. He went online himself and asking her to repeat what she said hmmmm a lot is going on between them”.

Watch video below,