Money Bring Peace – Singer Orezi Says As He Urges Nigerians To Find Money

Nigerian singer Orezi has urged Nigerians to find plenty of money and know peace indirectly saying money brings peace to him.

Orezi in a post on Instagram urged Nigerians to find money, see money, own money, plenty of money, and know peace saying indirectly that to him having a lot of money brings peace hence they should find the money.

According to Orezi, money brings him peace therefore he has urged Nigerians to find plenty of it and they will all find peace just as he has which is actually not all that true because having money doesn’t automatically bring peace.

Orezi reacting to a comment of a fan asking him whether he’s saying, in other words, money brings peace savagely asked whether poverty brings peace re-affirming his stand that when you have the money you will know peace.

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But then Orezi seems to be forgetting the fact that money doesn’t automatically bring peace as some people who are living in poverty even have peace more than some rich people we know around as they are always scared.

Being wealthy is not a bad thing and Orezi’s advice of finding plenty of money isn’t bad either but the fact that he insinuated that when you have the money you have peace is entirely not true because some have money but know no peace.

screenshot below;