Money Don’t Keep A Woman – The Game Says After 3 Billionaires Lost Their Wives

After three billionaires lost their wives just this month, American rapper The Game has realized that money doesn’t keep a woman and can never keep a woman.

According to The Game, three billionaires have lost their wives in the space of one month and that only proves that money can’t keep a woman if not they would have been able to keep their wives with their wealth.

The Game didn’t mention the billionaires he was talking about but we believe Bill Gates is one of them as he and his wife Melinda got divorced this month and that even affected his status as a billionaire because of the shares he gave Melinda.

It’s right for men to realize just like The Game that money can’t keep any woman no matter how rich you are, when a woman makes up her mind to leave you, no amount of money that you have can keep her.

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Some men usually think that because they snatch or get women by using money, that same money can keep the woman forgetting that the woman is with them on her own accord and can leave any moment she desires.

Therefore, thanks to The Game for emphasizing what most men have blatantly ignored that money can’t keep a woman and can never do if not all the 3 billionaires would have been able to keep their wives.

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