Moyo Lawal Vents Her Anger A Follower Who Said She Shows Fake Love After Missing A Party

Actress Moyo Layal has vented her anger on a follower who said she has been showing fake love on the gram after complaining of not invited to the baby shower of Uche Ogbodo in Lekki.

Moyo Lawal who seemed upset for not being invited to the baby shower of Uche Ogbodo complained about it while reacting to videos from the baby shower and Anita Joseph replying to that asked whether she was in Lekki.

Moyo Lawal was a bit surprised that Anita Joseph wasn’t aware that she was in Lekki that she didn’t invite her to the baby shower of Uche Ogbodo and a follower reacting to their comments was insinuating that Anita Joseph is showing fake love.

But then Moyo Lawal mistook it for herself hence replied the follower who claimed she’s showing fake love asking whether she missing a party and complaining about it is what the follower is referring to as fake love?

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Moyo Lawal went on to ask the follower whether she has ever seen her anywhere chasing clout or doing fake love things venting her anger on the innocent follower who was trying to even defend her by saying Anita is showing fake love.

From their conversation, it’s obvious Anita Joseph didn’t invite Moyo Lawal for one or two reasons but didn’t want to say it online hence used the excuse of not knowing that Moyo Lawal was in Lekki at that moment.

screenshot below;