‘My Fiancee Times Me Anytime We Have Intercourse & I Don’t Like It’ – Man Laments

A young man has lamented about his ordeal and it has to do with his fiancee.

This young man shared his story with the popular and renowned Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin.

According to him, anytime he is having intercourse with his fiancee, the lady always times him and this is something he doesn’t like.

His post reads;

“Good a.m bro Joro,
I don’t like something my gf does and it is annoying me. During s*x she is secretly on timer on her phone to time, she will say you try this time. Last time you did 2 mins 50 seconds
I don’t like it at all, I have told her she will laugh and say sorry
It is affecting my ego
She thinks it’s a joke
I may break up with her if she doesn’t stop it
I started to seize her phone and she started counting in her mind during s*x
It is annoying
What do I do her please?”