‘My Heart Has Never Been Broken Before’ – Davido’s Lawyer, Bobo Ajudua

In his recent question and answer session, Davido’s lawyer, Bobo Ajudua revealed that he has never been broken-hearted before.

The renowned celebrity lawyer was reacting to a question asked by one of his followers in the session that he had on his verified social media handle on Instagram.

The follower asked;

“Has your heart ever been broken by a woman? And how did you heal.”

His answer was;

“No it hasn’t tbh. I said to my wife before we got married that the universe had been very kind to me. I mean I’m a cancer I had walls up naturally and you could truly break them down if you were a good person. I never ever rushed. That’s my advice to people. Don’t rush. It’s long and yes people change, but try to get to know the people as much as you possibly can first. Their basics won’t change.”

In the same session, he named his favorite Davido tracks.

One of his followers who really wanted to know is he has some favorite tracks among Davido’s numerous tracks asked;

“Best Davido track?”

And he answered;

“Right now, I honestly don’t know! Couple faves are: Sweet in the middle, Like That, Sunlight, The Sound, Twisted, Gallardo, Tchelete, Lala, Risky, Jowo, BMM. Honestly my faves are so different from his. I have to literally BEG @davido and @asaasika to add my faves to his performance set whenever I’m there. But I understand… the classic HITS CHOKE