My Husband Didn’t Die But Slept — Late Pastor Dare Adeboye’s Wife Says

Wife of late Pastor, Dare Adeboye has stated that her husband did not die but asleep.

Paying a tribute to her husband during a church service, Dare’s wife said that he was a wonderful and amazing person in every sense and she does not mourn him but weep because he left him.

She said that she is certain that on the resurrection morning late Dare Adeboye will rise again and they will see him in glory.

According to the bereaved wife, late Dare Adeboye believed in Christ and his salvation was certain and was not afraid of death because he fulfilled his purpose in life.

The widow insisted that it is not a matter of how short he lived but how well he lived and he lived a good life to the glory of God therefore she is sure he is in heaven.

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When she truly understands regardless of her husband’s death, death itself is inevitable.. a strong woman I tell you


The Courage is out of this World, if ypu have lost Someone before , u go know Better i have been there


This is the comfort that believers have in Christ. Although they are not with us in the flesh, they are with the Lord. In rapture we will all be joined together with them by the Grace of God.


I just wanna tell everyone out there,especially the gullible ones that* every man is equal in the eye’s of de Lord” don’t let no deceive you, no one knows what’s gonna happen in the next 15munite, no pastors,prophets/ not even his father e a adeboye …the young man just died like every other human being out there, death is a respecter of no one👌👌 RIP