My Lonely Nights Are Worth A Billion Fake Dates And Lies – Destiny Amaka Shakes Tables

Actress cum media personality Destiny Amaka has disclosed that her lonely nights are worth a billion to her than a fake date and lies.

Destiny Amaka replying to the question of whether she’s in a serious relationship shared her life experience of the kind of men she has been with saying her lonely nights are worth a billion to her than fake dates and lies.

According to Destiny Amaka, currently, she’s seriously single as she’s looking for a man who’s worth submitting to since the ones she has come across aren’t worth submitting to and some are even liars.

Destiny Amaka sharing her experience said she got one nigga who’s straight-up full of sh!t but they do look for each other saying he’s don and says it all but she’s not sleeping with him for any reason at all.

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Then another who thinks richer men will take her away from him so he breaks up with her every 5 minutes which she actually loves but he’s not confident to keep her and another who doesn’t know she knows he has a kid.

Destiny Amaka then added that another guy has a wife abroad and thinks she doesn’t know while some turned out to be bisexual and the other thinks he can keep her with his money which she spends lovely therefore with all this, she thinks her loneliness is worth a billion.

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