Never Sit So High That You Belittle Others – Chioma Warns

Davido’s baby mama Chioma has warned that one should be careful not to sit so high that he/she belittle others because anything can happen without your knowledge.

Chioma giving her fans something to ponder on while we begin the week warned those who are at high places never to sit so high that they will be belittling others beneath them because the table can always turn around.

The post Chioma shared advised that one shouldn’t sit too high that they will be belittling others because God can always flip the script and you might come beneath the person you are belittling today someday to come.

Pondering on this advice that Chioma shared will help a lot especially when it comes to relationships and how we treat others at the office or on the job market since you don’t know when you will need the help of the person you’re mistreating.

Being good to everyone is something that will help you the individual and no matter how high you are, you don’t have to belittle those who aren’t on the same level with you because you might need their help someday and you won’t be able to approach them.

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