Nigeria Government Passes Law To Punish Cultists Alongside Parents

According to the Nigerian government and news from the Lagos House of Assembly, parents of cultists will be punished alongside their children who will be caught for practicing cultism.

According to the assembly, this is a means to curb the recent rise in cultism practices in the country among the youth of Nigeria.

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This new bill passed by the Lagos State House of Assembly stipulates that arrested cultist will serve 21 years imprisonment whiles the parents will serve 15 years as well.

However, bill has raised many concerns among Nigerian who are contemplating if this is the only possible law the government could curate to curb cultism in the country.

Series of questions have been raised by many. Debatable questions like

  1. Will This New Rule Be Fair To Parents Considering The Fact That There Are Other Things That Determine A Child’s Personality Development?
  2. Do Cultist Really Care About Their Parent To The Point Of Stopping Cultism Because Of This New Rule?
  3. Will This New Rule Reduce Cultism In Lagos State?

Nigeria to an extent globally known as a country of internet fraudsters and this has given a negative image to the country across the globe.

Whiles others are saying the internet fraud allegation is a bad citation for the country; others also believe it a showoff of the high intelligence of the youth of Nigeria.

Sadly, the situation is shifted on the fact that, the government has failed to create job opportunities for it youth and hence, they have resorted to internet fraud and money rituals.

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So, do you think the Nigerian government new rule is a right step to solve the practice of cultism in the country?