Nigeria Man Nearly Exchange Blows With Indian Man After He Was Accused Of Crushing His Car [Video]

A video has been sighted on social media which captures the moments a Nigerian man was seen exchanging words with an Indian man in London.

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In the video, the Indian man was seen accusing the Nigerian man hitting his car and the the Nigerian man’s defense, he tried explaining thing amicably to the Indian man but it seems all his efforts proved abortive.

Since persuasion failed, the Nigerian man employed some Nigerian tactics to deal with the Indian man as he exchanged words with him on the streets of London.

The two gentlemen nearly exchanged heavy blows on the street as their confrontations escalated to another height.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a lady has taken to her social media to call out her husband after she found out that he has proposed marriage to his side chic.

According to the lady, her husband lied about going on a business trip but unknown to her, he was meeting up with his side chic at an undisclosed location to propose marriage to her whiles he is still married to her.

She claims that a friend of her husband’s side chic sent the pictures to her because she knew her and her husband. She then called her husband to confront him on the issue and all h could say was he will call her back and since then she hasn’t heard from him.

She also revealed that she called the relatives of her husband to confront them if they knew anything about his intentions and they also claim they knew nothing and they expressed their utter shock to the news.

The frustrated married woman said that she has packed her belongings and ready to leave her matrimonial home because she cannot bear the pain.