Nigerian Citizen Diplomat, Jace Owie Leads Thousands March Protest In Germany To End Slavery/Killings Of Africans In Libya. (Photos)

Jace Owie, Nigerian and a citizen diplomat of Citizen Diplomacy Bureau (Global Relations), co-leads a ten thousand march protest in the City of Berlin, Germany to end the slavery and killings of Nigerians/Africans in Libya and primarily creates awareness on the dangers involved in illegal migration.

The international Diplo-humanitarian foreign Relations NGO – @CitizenDiplomacyBureau (Global Relations) is presently helping refugee returnees and other potential illegal migrants in Nigeria become international standard entrepreneurs. We call for Nigerians to join this anti-slavery and illegal migration awareness campaign. More awareness to hold in Europe, America and Nigeria.

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@ Citizen Diplomacy Bureau (Global Relations)

German International Relief Project.

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