Nigerian Woman Turns Down Opportunities To Move To US, Canada, Two European Countries

In what can be defined as a true sense of patriotism, a Nigerian woman declined offers to relocate to the United States of America, Canada, and other foreign countries when the opportunity knocked thundered on her door.

Sharing her post on LinkedIn post, the lady- Alexandra Tchomte said her family had wanted her to travel and live in America, Germany, France and Canada but she rejected them all, owing to her love for Nigeria.

Alexandra said her decision almost backfired but with time, things took shape and she’s glad she stuck to her instincts.

”After rejecting several opportunities that my family offered me to travel and live in America, France, Germany, and Canada …I chose to live in Nigeria !!!!

Gosh it was tough in the beginning !!  .

Have you seen that background that looks like the type of house that lodges zombies in movies ?? I lived there for a while in Nigeria .

”I could not call anybody . Lol I almost tried to ask for help but I am sure my family would have reminded me that among all countries on earth ,it is the headquarter of Boko Haram that you chose to live in.

”Today ,i have absolutely NO regret and if I were to turn back the ends of time ,I would have still wanted my Nigeria .

”The type of business that you can do in Nigeria as a foreigner ,you can’t do it anywhere in the world .

I love my Nigeria shahhhh ”