Nigerians Living Abroad Are So Wicked To Themselves – Canada-based Nigerian Lady Says (VIDEO)

A Nigerian woman who lives in Canada has criticized her countrymen of not looking out for one another.

The woman alleged in a video posted online that Nigerians who live overseas, particularly in Canada, are so cruel and terrible to one another. She claimed that they never want to help themselves and always want their fellow Nigerians to have difficulties.

”Nigerians why are you guys so mean and wicked to yourselves? Like why? You never assist people, you always want people to have problems, to go through problems. You are always happy when they have problems. Why? You see Indians and Phillipenes and the way they cooperate but Nigerians, wickedness is inside them…Why can’t you be your brother’s keeper?”

Watch video below;



vivicaanuforo wrote; The fact that many people in the comments are confirming that this is true makes it so sad. We need to do better mehn… our country don dey f*uck us over we sef no suppose dey do the same to each other💔

fab_signature had this to say: Wow. She’s not the first person to say this. There might be some elements of truth in it

chigozie_ehim1 commented: The same thing here in Germany. Unhealthy competition everywhere.