Omoni Oboli Advises Against Cosmetic Surgery – Says It Makes You Addicted To Perfection Once You Try It

Actress Omoni Oboli has advised ladies against cosmetic surgery, saying once you try it, you get addicted to perfection and you keep doing it to look perfect.

Omoni Oboli is one of the few refusing to grow actresses we know and speaking to fashion designer Veekee James who is planning on going for cosmetic surgery, advised her not to try it because it gets addictive the moment you try it.

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According to her, once you work on your body, you get addicted to looking perfect and that will make you go continuously all in the quest of looking perfect hence to Omoni Oboli, cosmetic surgery isn’t something she will advise.

It’s true that once you go under the knife for something, you turn to go again just to look perfect because we have seen a couple of people who have been under the knife and are still going just to look perfect so Omoni Oboli advises against that is the best.

video below;