Poverty Mind – Netizens React To Post Of Bobrisky Bragging About Being Rich

Crossdresser Bobrisky has been classified as a poverty-minded person after he bragged about how rich he is again claiming he rolls with billionaires.

Bobrisky sharing a photo with one man he claims to be a billionaire bragged about how rich and influential he is to be sitting with a billionaire who gave him so much money just to thank him for making time to go out with him.

Netizens reacting to her post said it’s inferiority complex and poverty of the mind that is making Bobrisky always brag about how rich he is and the kind of people he rolls with as he always claims they are all richer than her.

Others were wondering if the gentleman sitting by Bobrisky’s side was also gay and the money he gave her was to thank her for allowing him to have his way with him and that is why he is thanking him for coming by when he called.

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Bobrisky is known for bragging about things he doesn’t even have and even though he has claimed he’s not gay, some people seem not to believe because some actions of his say otherwise and what he says gives him out.

Even Bobrisky’s recent P.A Oye alleged that he’s gay and has been sleeping with some popular married Nigerian men ad he always hanging out with men he classifies as rich because the money he gets makes us think he’s indeed gay.

screenshot below;