Pretty Mike Of Lagos Discloses Why Most Black Marriages Don’t Last

Socialite Pretty Mike Of Lagos has disclosed why most black marriages don’t last as he uses his experience as an example advising lovers to face their fears in a relationship than ignore it.

Pretty Mike Of Lagos in his post disclosed that the advice of not looking through your partner’s phone while dating and even married isn’t right because the moment you face the fear of losing the person and looking through their phone to know the truth, the better for you.

Using himself as an example, Pretty Mike of Lagos said he almost proposed and got married to a promiscuous lady but then was saved the moment he faced his fear and went through her phone and that is when she realized the lady isn’t who he thought she is.

According to him, the lady he was about to marry has been sleeping with most Lagos big boys and has been keeping it a secret from him because she was from and good home and went to a private university hence he never expected that from her but was disappointed when he went through her phone.

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Pretty Mike Of Lagos then added that this is one of the reasons why most black marriages don’t last because the two lovers don’t know themselves very well and they are advised not to go through their partner’s phone if they want their marriages to last and that has been the mistake most of us do.

Hence, advising that if your partner seems not comfortable with you going through their phone then you have to advise yourself and end the relationship before something hard hits you on the way.

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