‘Rather Fail With Honor Than Succeed By Fraud’ – Georgina Onuoha

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha has admonished her followers and other social media users never to involve themselves in fraud.

The beautiful actress who is now based in the United State of America made this known in a recent post she made on Instagram.

The post she made reads;

“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.

It seems my previous post on fraudulent acts struck a nerve with many.

Was I surprised? Nope.
Sadly it’s a deep reflection of what our country has become.
The moral compass of that nation is lost.
I read many defending fraud because of lack of employment.
Some claiming they are trying to take back what they stole from their ancestors .

Some of the submissions are cringe worthy.
If you think fraud is your only way out, lord knows you are doomed.

No wonder we venerate and worship politicians and public figures who steal from the nations treasury.

Truly our problem is our selves if this is the mindset of an average Nigerian.

I laughed at people saying I should come back home and feel their pain.
Suffice to say most of them are young and have no clue what it meant for my generation to have grown in an era as a child and youth under dictatorship in Nigeria.

Before you question my integrity and thought process, need I remind you that this woman typing this sold “ice water, not pure water, ice water. She sold chicken, minerals “Limca and Tandi and hawked on the streets of Lagos, Badagry , Seme boarder and Cotonou.

She sold akamu every morning before school, ran buka business, sold Abacha, sold “aroso rice” before grace picked her up.

@tecobee was my savior. Gave me my first movie waka pass. And I never looked back from there.
Who told you we all don’t have humble beginnings even though our parents were educated and come from middle class where they worked for months without pay from military dictators that ruled Nigerians from the 80s.

For many justifying fraud, I cry for you. Even if you are a graduate and no job, create something little for your self.

I will be the first to acknowledge the untold hardship facing the ordinary Nigerian 🇳🇬 but that’s no green light for defrauding others from their hard earn money.

I cry for Nigeria
I pray for Nigeria 🇳🇬
Heaven knows that the moral fabrics of our nation is torn.

Many say Nigerian celebrities are “olosho” meaning “ wh.res” sleeping with politicians and yahoo boys . Need I remind you that there are many decent hard working ones amongst them.”