“Remain lonely until your mind and spirit is ready” – Actress, Eriata Ese advises

Nigerian actress and entrepreneur, Eriata Ese, has advised single people to remain lonely until they are sure their mind and spirit is ready.

Eriata gave this advice in a lengthy Instagram post while noting that loneliness can make people do things they might regret later.

She urged single people to not let loneliness be the reason for their decision to enter into a relationship, as it can cloud their thinking and not allow them to see people or situations for what they really are.

In her words,

“Loneliness can make make you talk to who u are not supposed to talk to, sleep with who u are not suppose to date/marry who u are not suppose to date/ mary; makes you gullible and vulnerable.

If u have made this mistake before and it didn’t end well, make sure you have learnt your lessin. If this is yet to happen to you, I’ll tell you for free, no one has veer died of loneliness.

The worse that can happen is you’ll be sad, you’ll cry, maybe you’ll be depressed. Just be sure to love yourself a lot and you’ll be fine. Self love/self worth will help you scale through. Don’t stop praying and believing in what you serve.

P.S you must learn to channel your mind to other things like going to the gym, read more, discover more about yourself, if you have money give yourself nice teats go on vacations, learn vocational skills etc.

“Remain lonely until your mind and soul is ready. Do not let loneliness be the reason for your decison, you might not be able to read btw the lines at that piont, everything will look perfect in your eyes likes its all you have ever wanted…”