Reno Omokri Reacts To Chelsea’s Win Of The Champions League

Reno Omokri has subtly jabbed die-hard fans of Chelsea FC for their celebration of the club’s triumph in the UEFA Champions League.

According to him, Africa has a long way to go in emancipating itself from colonisation because the physical colonialism is no more seen but mental colonialism exists to this day. He explained that Chelsea has no commitment and Africa and if 1 million Africans perish tomorrow, Chelsea would not even issue a statement because it has no bearing on them.

He captioned his post as: The sense of fulfilment, commitment, passion and joy that I saw on display all over Africa yesterday as ChelseaFC fans celebrated their club for winning the UEFA Champions League is unique. The emotional identification with the club was so palpable. People all over Africa were enthralled.

Impromptu marches were organised in various African cities. War torn nations had a temporary peace so that people could celebrate. There was fanfare. Rich Africans even bought party favours to be shared out as gifts to mark the occasion.

In Nigeria, Aso Ebi (ceremonial dress) fabric were hurriedly printed and sewn. Broadcast houses flashed a blue hue throughout the evening.

I was informed that one city even declared a public holiday, even as many bars offered free drinks to those decked in Chelsea’s colours.

And then I thought to myself that these people celebrating are not English. They are also not European. They do not own shares in Chelsea FC. If Chelsea is to be sold tomorrow, not a single one of them, or their governments, would be consulted.


does not have any investment in Africa, and the owners of Chelsea FC see Africa as only a good market to sell merchandise and TV rights and also to poach Africa’s best football talents.

If 1 million Africans perish tomorrow, Chelsea would not even issue a statement because it has no bearing on them. The only connection these celebrating Africans have to the club is emotional. Beyond that, they have no stake.

I have traveled to every part of Africa. Never have I seen Africans celebrate their own Independence Day the way we celebrated Chelsea yesterday!Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that whereas Africa is emancipated from physical colonisation, she is not yet free from mental colonialism.

I have spoken my mind. You are now free to go ahead and insult me